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Purchase Conditions

1. General

A. Contract

Setlakwe Furniture uses his client personal information for administrative purposes and to meet his needs. In no circumstance, this information will be disclosed in any other way than stated in the Privacy Policy.

The document the client receives via email after his purchase is a contract. Setlakwe Furniture reserves all rights on this contract. The customer acknowledges having received a copy of the contract. It also recognizes that no installment sale has been made.

A cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount of the sale will be charged to any contract that is broken by the client. 

B. Accord D financing and home financing

Acceptance of financing is following the approval of a credit department of a specialized financial institution. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the first statement issued by the firm of financing and ensure compliance.

At Setlakwe Furniture, in our stores, the customer can pay by cash, debit card, credit card (Visa Desjardins or Mastercard), via Accord D Desjardins financing or our house financing. Clients may come in store for more information. 

At Setlakwe Furniture, in our stores, the Accord D Desjardins financing plan is offered. An in-store counselor can provide all the necessary information.

2. Other useful information

Each appliance is tested by the manufacturer. It may, therefore, remaining water in pumps.

Some models require that the tank is unlocked before use. It is the customer's responsibility to read the maintenance and use guide first.

The appliances must wait at least 6 hours before their connection.

All furniture may show discoloring when exposed to the sun, near a heat source, or in inadequate moisture.

Note also that leather furniture may have insect bites, scars or veins. Everything is normal, this material comes from animal skins. The wood may contain irregularities, veining or be intentionally hammered to give a rustic effect.