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1. Delivery Time

After an order is placed, a customer service agent will reach out to set a delivery date for the products. Customer will also have the possibility to pick up his merchandise in store. In that case, he will be informed where the nearest store is located from him.

Date of delivery may vary due to manufacturer shipment, delivery location, number of products bought and holidays. Setlakwe Furniture proceeds to only one shipment once all products are ready to deliver. We do not proceed to partial shipment. However, if the customer wants to receive his products on separate shipments, delivery fees will be charge to every shipment.

In the case Setlakwe Furniture has taken an appointment with the customer and the latter is not there at the moment of the delivery, additional delivery fees will be charged on the second attempt.

2. Delivery Location

Products offered on our website are only available for delivery in the province of Quebec. Any shipments outside of province of Quebec are not available at this time.

3. General Information

All orders are subject to product availability. If a product is not in stock at the time when customer places an order, we will notify the client and refund the total amount of his order, using the original method of payment.

Setlakwe Furniture is dealing with many suppliers and can not be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by them. The delivery time may also vary according to the availability of the customer and delivery address. Neither the sales associate or the company can not be held responsible for these delays.

A. Amount due on delivery

The customer must confirm on delivery that the goods ordered are consistent with those selected on the Web site, catalog, circular, store or other. At the time of delivery, any balance must be paid in advance, either online or in stores. No payments will be accepted on delivery or by phone unless there is a difference on the total balance between the delivery and the contract. The amount that will appear on the delivery order will be the one the client will have to pay.

The balance must be paid 48 hours before delivery and 10 days prior if paid by check.

B. Day of the delivery

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the dimensions of door openings, stairs, storage space and accessibility for delivery conform to the dimensions of the property purchased without which delivery could not proceed. Cancellation fees will be charged where applicable. If needed, the customer may remove doors, frames or any elements that might limit the delivery team's work. 

The entrance must be clear and accessible to delivery otherwise another delivery will be done at a later time. In winter, access for the delivery team must be cleared of snow. Additional fees for a second attempt will be charged. 

Any balance will have to be paid fully without which no goods will be left on site.

The signature of an adult (18 and over) is required at time of delivery.

For reasons of health, safety and insurance, our drivers will have to keep their boots. A coating provided by Setlakwe Furniture will be filed on the client's floor to protect it. Delivery drivers are not allowed to remove any door in client's home. They are not allowed to proceed electrical and plumbing works. This includes the interdiction to install new appliances with used hoses and pipes. The team unpacks and assembles the furniture according to established policies of the company. Additional fees will be charged to assemble certain types of goods. See in store for details.

The appliances will be moved or picked only if the customer requests it. A fee of $29.95 applies for the pick-up of appliances and their moving. The old appliances will be picked up if the customer pays a fee for this service and only if these appliances are unplugged and out of their space usage.

The customer can ask for installation of washer and / or dryer at an additional cost of $20 for a summary installation and $54.99 for full installation. For more information, the customer can call Setlakwe Furniture or request information in store.

Setlakwe Furniture disclaims any responsibility for forgotten or left personal items in the goods picked up by delivery drivers. It's also the client's responsibility to inspect his products and to contact Setlakwe Furniture in the next 24 hours after delivery for any aesthetic damage. 

If a problem occurs at the time of delivery, our delivery drivers will notify the customer service department that will contact the client afterward. 

4. Real-Time Tracking

Customer can follow minute-by-minute his shipment on the day planned for his delivery. The real-time tracking widget is available on and appears at the top of the home page. Customer can enter their phone number or order number. They will be informed of the predicted time of the delivery to their location.

Although our widget offers a precise tracking of the client's shipment, Setlakwe does not stand responsible for error in the use of this application. Weather, mechanical failure, driving conditions, no-show at client’s locations and many others situations can delay or shorten the time of the client's delivery.

5. Shipping Costs

The shipping costs are listed below and validate within a radius of 150km from the distribution center. Fees are subject to change without notice. At a store pickup, there is no charge.

Shipping Rate
89$ + taxes

6. Pick-Up in Store

Pick-up in store is available for some products. At the time customer completes his order, he will be redirected to the nearest store where the products are available.

We recommend customer to take an appointment with a customer service agent to plan the pick-up in store. Setlakwe Furniture can be reached at 1-888-338-8511.

7. Damaged Items on Shipment

If there is any aesthetic damage to the products on delivery, please refer to the Return Policy.

8. Questions

If customer has any questions about the delivery and shipment or his order, please contact Setlakwe at 1-888-338-8511.